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A Christmas Cracker is Coming

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Reserve your tickets online

The website is back

And we have now added the ability to reserve your seats to the Christmas Show ONLINE

This article is a quick overview of how the reservation system works so you can refer to if you have any queries when trying to book.

Landing Page - Events Tab

The three shows are listed for visibility.

The "Details" button takes you to the specific show of your choice

You will notice that at the moment the tickets are not available to reserve

If you have a look around the site, you might be able to find when they will be available.

When they are live - the "Details" button will change to "Reserve Tickets"

At any point if you have picked the wrong show then just click on "Back to Events" and pick the one that you want.

Reservation Time

So, the tickets have "Gone Live",

You have selected the show the show you want to reserve tickets for,

Click on Reserve Tickets again and it will show you the "Seating Plan"

Tip #1

When you select the seats that you want, they will not be reserved until you click on the checkout button

There may be other people on the site at the same time and, like every year, we work on a first come first choice basis.

REQUEST - Single Seat Rule

We are trying to save your valuable time with this new way of selecting your seats.

But with that it takes away the personal touch.

When selecting your seats, please try and avoid, where possible, leaving single seats stranded on their own.

We reserve the right to move your seats (as a block booking) by up to 2 seats to the right or left forwards or backwards.

We will only do this if we need to, so that we can maximise the availability for all families and friends that want to join us.

Registration - There is a Time Limit

Once you have selected your seats and moved on to the checkout area, we will need all your contact details to reserve your seats.

A couple of questions regarding how many Adult and Child tickets you will need for your reserved seats so that we can prepare the right number in advance and the name of your child in ABCD.

There is a 20 minute time limit here, if you do not complete it in time your seats will be made available for other families to reserve.

A Couple More Clicks

A couple more clicks and your tickets will be reserved.

You'll receive an email confirming the success. (NOTE - this is not your ticket)

Please bring this confirmation to reception on the dates stated in the newsletter to pick up your physical ticket.

Please don't hesitate to comment on this blog and we'll try and answer as many questions that we can.

Can't wait to see you there.

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We can’t wait either! How exciting 🤩


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